Studio LW partners, Liz and Marcy have over 28 years of combined experience making these two a compelling force in the design industry.  They bring together their unique talents, passions and style to cover a wide variety of design aesthetics.  Their knowledge of interior architecture and space planning allows them to create rooms that are beautiful as well as functional.   Each project is tailored to their client’s personal narrative that creates a reflection of their individual style.  Studio LW’s creations are derived from their client’s imagination of how they want their space to work and feel.     

What our clients are saying:

Studio LW blew my expectations away! The ladies of Studio LW knew my taste better than I knew my taste. Not only were they always ahead of schedule, but their ideas were incredibly creative, practical, beautiful and unique. It didn't matter what room they were helping me with, they always hit the nail on the head! Liz and Marcy are incredible to work with. They are intelligent, timely, creative, professional and fun! I would never hesitate to hire them for any project. If you want a project to turn out better than anticipated while seemingly fun and easy, then Studio LW is the company for you.


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Having spent most of her design time in the Mountains at areas of Vail and Beaver Creek, she has also been a part of an international reach of design as far as London and Abu Dhabi.  After graduating from the School of Architecture at Southern Illinois University, Liz decided to pursue her passion for interior spaces.  Landing in Vail Colorado, she gained experience and a passion for high end design.   She found her niche as the lead of interior architecture wherever her job took her. She specializes in space planning, rearranging interior rooms for remodels, fixed finish design work and selection.  She believes the structure behind the aesthetics is not something to be toyed with and knowing all the foundations for good design will lead to a flawless creation.  ” If you ice your cake, and there is a crack in it, the entire cake will fall to crumbles.”

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Marcy started her design career by receiving a B.A. in Art and Art History from St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York in 1995.  Her love for the Rocky Mountains brought her to Park City, Utah where she completed an Associate’s Degree in Interior Design at Salt Lake Community College in 1997.  Since then, Marcy has worked on numerous design projects throughout the years ranging from mountain homes to urban lofts.  Time management, materials management and people management are the key components that Marcy handles with ease and efficiency.  Those, combined with her passion for the arts and her timeless design sense, have equipped her for success.  In her off time, Marcy loves to be outside, preferably on skis, with her husband and three young girls.